Dear Blogger and Reader

Dear Blogger and Reader
July 1, 2014 Oluwarufus

Dear Blogger and Reader,

Wait! Before you write that post or let me frankly say before you copy that post from Linda Ikeji, BellaNaija etc I have two questions to ask you,

I.            Why did you hide the creativity in you and decided to play the second fiddle?

II.            And what value do you think you are adding to your ignorant or rather imprudent followers/readers?

I understand and sincerely respect what you do ‘cause I’m into it too though on a passive level and for fun and not for unique clicks like you do. I’m just wondering when we’ll be having original contents from a sound mind like yours. I know you can definitely write constructive posts on themes such as business, entrepreneurship, technology, music, poets, book reviews etc. So why waste most of your time on copying and posting the latest gossips in Nollywood and the music industry? I’m not saying this is wrong. Get me right!!!

bloggingI’m just looking forward to seeing less tweets about Tonto Dikeh, Mercy Johnson etc going nude, P-Square’s Paul and Peter fighting, and the expensive watch Don Jazzy wore on a red carpet on my Twitter timeline and more constructive articles from you. We have some purposeful people out there that need to read more interesting and edifying things about life. People wanna know if it is safe to buy that so advertised Nokia X, they want to know if they can fix #90, 000 in a Fixed Deposit account or the best line of business they can invest in, they want to know about the latest book from Pastor Sam Adeyemi and how to get better in poetry and music, a little review before they buy that Haier Fridge they saw on Konga/Jumia will be so much appreciated. Why deny them that???

I look forward to originality. As much as you are after clicks, endeavour to add value. People are going to come back if they are better business man/woman, better musician and even a better parent the last time they checked your site and won’t hesitate to share your post. Dare to be different; that your friends are doing it is not enough reason to follow the same course. It will pay, at the long run though.

And to the general public, you are playing your part of spending you precious time on getting the latest single that is not really adding anything to your future and wanting to know who is better between Wizkid/Starboy and Davido very well. Why not get a little MORE purposeful today and seek for constructive write ups on how to start up your own fashion line, event management and read about that Job position you’ve submitted application for etc? Some few minutes every day to invest in your future like I do when reading posts on LinkedIn, CNet and TechCrunch is not bad you know? Your children and your generation will be glad you did.

Yeah, I know we need some of those gossips to be the social beings we are created by God to be but it must not be all we take in. We need something that will make us live a better life, better humans and better Nigerians.

That’s my little piece of mind my great friend. I’m so sorry for taking your time but I believe I’ve made some few pointers to making you part of people’s life by helping them live a more quality life with premium contents.

I dare you to think out of the box today. Unleash it.

From your dear friend,



  1. Martins 8 years ago

    A word is enough for the wise. This article just reminded me of a scriptural verse, “where there is no vision, the people perish” but I will to paraphrase it like this “absent of vision make the living dead ”

  2. Cypress_Fiyinfoluwa 8 years ago

    No better word could be shared with someone else. I am really encouraged. Thumbs up bro

  3. Oluwayomi 8 years ago

    Great words from great mind #verticalthought
    I’m inspired
    nice one

  4. Naijacynth 8 years ago

    This was a good read! I am impressed (My first time here actually) I am techy too but the feminine side of me is sucking me in. help!!!

    • Author
      oluwarufus 8 years ago

      Thanks for stopping by my blog and I’m glad you like the article. And about that techy part of yours……#UnleashIt
      God Bless

  5. jamespolamz 8 years ago

    This is powerful! Originality is very scarce these days. This is due to the fact that we are not just in information age anymore but in attention age, a neo modern of the former. I am a Christian blogger (so proud of that!) @, and I have never copied any of my plethora contents in such a short period of my blogging. You’ve said it all Oluwarufus, when you have your audience in mind, you will want to be original. Keep it up bro, proud of you!

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