Twenty Twenty Two Recap

As the year 2022 comes to a close, I have been reflecting on the events and experiences of the past 12 months. Looking back on the year has helped me gain perspective and insight into my personal growth, as well as identify patterns and trends in my life. It’s also been an opportunity for me […]

Twenty Twenty One Recap

My 2019 recap ended with a 10-item list I labeled “Vision 2020“ but we all know how the year went 😂 . In contrast, I closed 2020’s recap with “I don’t have any anticipation for this year. It should look the way God wants and I make it to be.”. You can’t blame me after […]

2020 Recap: The Unbalanced Year

Writing my annual review has been a rite of passage into the new year for me. And thinking about my life especially for the first ten days of every calendar year before my birthday on the 11th of January is a subconscious thing too. Just like every other form of activity we do in life, […]

2023 Elections: Can we vote electronically?

After service in church last Sunday, my brothers (Paul and Yomi) asked me this question and my answer was “Yes, I can’t think of any technical limitation“. So, I thought I should expand on my answer to highlight some of the things we need to put in place if we’re going to have e-voting in […]

On Positive Intent

When dealing with people, If someone says something to you that can be taken 2 ways; good or bad, choose the good one until proven otherwise. I’ve learned that human relationships are naturally complex BUT assuming positive intent reduces the odds of conflicts & increases empathy. Am I saying we won’t come across people with […]