So…I started my Masters Degree

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… programming of course. Wait, what did you expect?

As a young man in Nigeria of today and the first-born of the family, I’m sort of expected to go for my Masters straight after NYSC. And I can’t forget the argument I had with my Father on this issue. I seemed unserious to him and he won’t let me be until my older cousins convinced him that I know what I’m doing.

Not like I’m that unserious, I wanted/planned to bag Masters Degree before I’m 25 but a lot of thing happened; a 6 months ASUU Strike came along, I started making money, fell in love etc …..and I found myself not looking forward to Masters again. I could have made it before 25 but I just can’t see the essence for studying for another 18 months. I just wanted it so I can say “I had MSc before 25” later in life #BraggingRights. But come to thing of it, apart from buying time and not sitting at home looking for job, having an edge at the next job interview or going into Lecturing, why do people really go for Masters? Think about it.

Anyways, late 2015 (which I spent working with WordPress and honing my UI/UX skill), I decided to challenge myself and start something that will make me jump out of bed and power my system apart from web and maybe music. I considered going back to the good ol’ .Net days but I just can’t bring myself to that. So I considers another thing I’ve always wanted to do; Mobile Apps and that’s it.

I had to make a decision of either going the native way (learning how to develop apps for Android, iOS & maybe BlackBerry and Windows) or PhoneGap which uses “standards-based web technologies to bridge web applications and mobile devices”. My current skill-set made me chose PhoneGap. I believe in my head that I can build anything with Web, so why not use PhoneGap which wraps and gives web applications access to native functionalities on all the major mobile platforms? Moreso, I don’t think I have the time to learn all the languages (Java/Swift) and frameworks to develop apps for Android and iOS.

So….to cut this long gist short, I finished my first semester of e-book and second semester of video about a month ago. Look out for my first mobile app, hopefully for Nigerian Gospel Lyrics, giving myself a 6 months timeline, that’s about the same time it takes to wrap up a Masters Degree Project……provided you have a good supervisor. I’m taking some Pro Git lessons as well, it’s time to stop “hacking” repository management and start contributing.

I just can’t wait to add MSc to my name after my project and FYI, I’m not 25 yet. ?

Photo Credit: 2012 Walexblom, I’m sure he can’t remember taking this picture


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