My meme journey started at the cinema with friends

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Last month, my friends and I decided to hangout at the cinema on a Sunday afternoon. So I created a WhatsApp group for the purpose of discussing our preferred movie, cinema location, and the time of our meet up. We eventually opted for Avengers: Infinity War and the group was dissolved after 60 minutes.

After 2+ hours of mixed emotions, I wanted to tweet about how I feel about having to wait for Marvel’s end screens when most of us hardly wait for benediction/closing remark at events. To give the tweet the kind of emotion I wanted it to pass across, I needed to add a meme — an humorous image but I didn’t have any on my phone. My friend, Joseph had some on his memes folder and transferred one to me — which I used.

So we thought, this should be online. Meme is a culture, it’s one of the subtle social ideas that gets us through the day without us knowing / acknowledging it.

I didn’t consider building this until I picked up my 5th book of year “The Alchemist — Paulo Coelho” which was basically all about following the Universe’s omen. I thought, maybe helping people access funny, emotive African memes is the next treasure/gem I need to pursue.

So, I built this basic website where people can create account, upload and freely download memes for their use: Ta Da!!! I hope you or a friend you’ll share the link with will use the site.

The homepage

Disclaimer: LOL, I built this with sleepy eyes in the evening after work/over the weekend. So, it might be buggy + I haven’t given much thought to the User Interface & eXperience. I’m open to feedback, kindly check it out, send a mail or leave a comment.

My fine-wine friends; (L-R) Myself, JosephOlawaleImole & Abayomi. I think Abayomi’s face is meme-worthy

Maybe this is مكتوب (Maktub meaning “It is written”) or the One Hit code that I’ve been praying to God about. Who knows where the wind blows?

I’d love to know your thoughts, really.

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