7 Quick Tips to Protect Yourself Online

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We all think we don’t have anything to lose until proven otherwise.

Here are 7 quick tips that will help you improve your online security and reduce the chances of being hacked.

1. UseMultiple Email Accounts

At least 2 accounts; one for serious communication and bank notifications, the other for “junks”, your social accounts, newsletters, random sign-ups, etc.
If one got hacked, you’re not fully compromised. This also helps with of the separation of concerns.

2. Use Strong UniquePasswords.

Stop using “password123” everywhere. Each account should have a unique, random, strong password/phrase.

You no longer have to remember or write it down, use your browser’s password manager to generate and store or check out LastPass/1Password.

3. Enable Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

It means another method of authentication in addition to your password is required.

If your password is stolen, it’s useless to hackers unless they have access to your email, phone, or other 2FA methods.

Use Authy or Google Authenticator and search Google for guides to activate this on Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, etc.

4. Log out before leaving the Cyber café

Who knows, a time traveler from 2005 might be reading this 😊🤷🏽‍♂️

On a more serious note, stop logging in to your apps everywhere.

Use private browsing/incognito mode & Virtual Private Network (VPN) if you don’t trust thedevice/network.

5. Look out for secure padlock(SSL)

Websites are encrypted with security certificates (HTTPS protocol) to secure data transmission, so hackers can’t sniff out your private information.

Only enter credentials and card details on trusted, authentic, safe websites with https://

6. Keep your Apps up-to-date

Don’t ignore your app updates.

Most app updates are to fix critical security vulnerability or improve overall security, install only trusted apps from app stores, and keep them up to date.

7. Stop answering stupidquestions on the internet.

Questions like:
“Your rapper name is your first name + your mother’s maiden name“
“Your phone number in reverse order”

And did you just drop your account details undera celebrity’s tweet?

Now, any smart hacker/scammer has your Mother’s maiden name, phone number, bank name, account number, etc.

Stop being silly!


Yeah, that’s it. 7 Tips.

In the spirit of herd immunity, wear your digital masks (the tips I shared above) at all times and share this with your friends.

Thanks for reading and stay safe (online)


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