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About 2 weeks ago, I went to church with my cousin and his family, after a brief afternoon, he said we should go to Ikeja together. Since I’m free and home alone, I obliged.

Not knowing that he’s taking me to a Network Marketing meeting. Hmm…Okay oooo, I sat and listened like I didn’t have an idea of what they will be talking about. What more else do they have to say other than “buy and sell these products monthly, look for 10 people to do likewise, blah blah and blah”.

I do not have anything against Network marketing but I just have issues with

  1. Having to convince 10 or more people to sign-up for a service. It just feel unnatural to me. I often see it as a rip-off, I normally tell my friends that I’d rather set-up a product and get people to market it the network marketing way than fall for it
  2. Buying and selling some premium products that normal people on the street might not be able to buy largely because they do not know the value of the product and/or can’t afford it. I guess selling is just not my thing. The monthly deadlines they attach to it pisses me off!
  3. I’m not sure this is enough reason but I think our spiritual school of thought greatly influence business-related decisions. Somehow, taking risk is un-spiritual. We often pray and pray and pray again before taking any action and that’s why people pray hard before choosing a life partner ’cause they automatically feel “God said” overwrites all marital challenges. Story for another day.

Back to my story, at the end of the seminar, this particular one made more sense compared to the other ones I’ve been hearing. It eliminates my first two reservation about network marketing and I’m let with the third one; risk. So I decided to go for it, made a transfer of a little above ₦ 100, 000 (there are other options) to my cousin as my sign up fee last week.

Wait!!! Before you call me foolish by presuming I threw my money away, I think you should know why I’m doing this:

  1. I want to be able to say I tried this later in the future and say emphatically if it works or not. The worse that can happen is not getting my 100k back, but mind you, I got a value for my money; products. I can’t wait to give some to people that matter to me. I need them to be healthy and live long.
  2. My cousin poured almost ₦ 300, 000 into it, and I’m sure he’s not ready to see that go down the drain. I somehow believe his motivation will rub on me.
  3. It doesn’t stop me from continuing my masters degree or even going for PhD

18 months from now, precisely by the end of 2017, I’ll share my success or failure trial story, the story of my actions and inactions about Network Marketing is concerned. But the story I’ll share then is definitely up to me.

And you know what? This is my step one towards turning my current earning (~ ₦ 10,000) to my capital(100k plus) and even more hundreds of thousands if not millions; telling you about it.

So how is it going to be? Do you want to know more about it now or you want to wait and read my story in the next 18 months?


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